Renault, Ferrari, Red Bull or still Mercedes? The engine options for Andretti!

Renault, Ferrari, Red Bull or still Mercedes? The engine options for Andretti!

19 February - 18:18

Michael Andretti is trying to start his own Formula 1 team and has already sent the necessary paperwork to the FIA. According to father Mario, the engine deal is also already done, but which supplier it will be? We've looked at the options for the new team.

Mercedes not possible

Mercedes actually drops out right away. The German brand is not allowed to add a fifth team. Of course, it could be that McLaren, Williams or Aston Martin want to go in a new direction, which could possibly allow Mercedes to supply another team with engines. However, this chance seems very small for 2024. McLaren is said to be in talks with Audi for engines from 2026 onwards, though, and Lawrence Stroll is considering using Aston Martin to build its own engines.

Renault most obvious choice

Renault seems the most logical choice at the moment. The French brand only makes engines for its own team, Alpine. Because Renault does not supply engines to anyone else, it cannot lose its young drivers to other teams. Should Andretti be on the grid with Renault engines in 2024, this could change. So Oscar Piastri could finally make his debut, although Alpine will probably do everything it can to not let the young Australian sit on the sidelines for two years.

Red Bull through the link with Honda?

Andretti is working with Honda in the IndyCar. Honda left Formula 1 after 2021, but the engines will continue to be developed (as far as they can with the engine freeze) by Red Bull Racing. Red Bull currently only supplies engines to its own teams: Red Bull and AlphaTauri. An extra team means more data, which is important for any supplier. So it could just be that Andretti becomes the "third" Red Bull team.

Ferrari almost never supplies to three teams

The last option for Andretti is Ferrari. Ferrari currently supplies engines to Alfa Romeo and Haas F1. Both teams sparked the interest of Michael Andretti last year who was keen on a takeover of one of them. In the end, the takeover never came, but doesn't necessarily mean that Andretti is not interested in Ferrari engines. It is only uncertain whether Ferrari itself would want to supply an additional team with engines. In the Scuderia's history there has only been one year where it supplied engines to three different teams in addition to its own operation, that was in 2016.

Porsche and Audi do not seem to be an option

Volkswagen Group has been closely involved in the rules surrounding Formula One engines in recent years. Both Porsche and Audi would like to enter Formula 1, but only from 2026, when the new rules are in place. Since Andretti wants to be on the grid already in 2024, a partnership with Porsche or Audi does not seem an option. Otherwise, there are no brands with plans to enter Formula 1.

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