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Windsor: 'If Blash had been standing next to Masi, it would never have happened'

Windsor: 'If Blash had been standing next to Masi, it would never have happened'

19 February - 08:33 Last update: 12:55


The FIA has more or less blamed Michael Masi for the Abu Dhabi 2021 debacle. Masi has been removed from his position and will be taken over by Herbie Blash in the new system put in place by the FIA. Peter Windsor thinks it is a very strong move.

Masi is blamed for not stopping the race after Nicholas Latifi's crash in the Abu Dhabi GP with only five laps to go, but allowing it to continue behind the safety car. His 'wrong' decision was particularly damaging as it had a direct impact on the outcome of the championship. Masi does retain a role in race control, but has lost his position as head race director. In his place, Herbie Blash has been appointed as the permanent senior advisor.

Blash's arrival is more important than Masi's departure

F1 expert Windsor welcomes the appointment of his countryman. Indeed, according to Windsor, the most significant thing about the FIA's decision is not Masi's dismissal, but Blash's appointment. Windsor said in a YouTube video: "It's a very important move. I think they could have left Masi there, but only on the condition that Herbie would be next to him. I am sure that if Herbie had been there in Abu Dhabi that the race would have been red flagged and there would have been a restart with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen on the same tyres."

Windsor spoke to Blash and shares the video recording of the conversation with the new race director, in which Blash said he had obviously waved a red flag and then looked forward to a great final sprint race. The most important thing Windsor thinks about this is the resemblance to Charlie Whiting. "Herbie thinks the same way as Charlie Whiting. I think if we still had Charlie that catastrophe in Abu Dhabi wouldn't have happened either." Windsor concluded that it is irrelevant exactly what Masi does, the important thing is the arrival of Blash.

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