'New Ferrari F1-75 for 2022 leaked day before launch'

'New Ferrari F1-75 for 2022 leaked day before launch'

16 February - 14:45 Last update: 15:50

A day before the launch of Ferrari's new F1-75, images of the car have surfaced. The images appear to have been intentionally leaked by someone who secretly took a picture of the car.

Ferrari F1-75 leaked day before launch

It is more common for images of Formula One teams' new car to leak out, but rarely does it happen a full day before the official launch. It won't be how Ferrari itself would have liked it to be. The Italian team is usually very good at shielding its equipment, but this time someone outsmarted the team.

The team seems to have opted for a classic red livery, strongly reminiscent of the iconic Ferrari cars of the 1990s. The livery is subject to change, however, as earlier reports stated that the final livery will only be shown in Bahrain.

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