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Germany hopes for spot on calendar: That's what I would strive for

Germany hopes for spot on calendar: "That's what I would strive for"

11-02-2022 14:28 Last update: 14:28


Germany is still chasing a spot back on the Formula One calendar. The last time a Grand Prix was held in Germany was in 2020. Then the Eifel Grand Prix was added to the calendar because of the corona virus.

Germany has been a regular fixture on the Formula 1 calendar for years. In 2015, for the first time since 1960, there was no Grand Prix in Germany, and due to high costs, the race did not take place in 2017 either. After that, the German Grand Prix was run twice more before disappearing in 2020. Due to the coronavirus, the Nürburgring was still able to host the Eifel Grand Prix, but that also remained with that one-time return.

Change of circuit

In conversation with the Suddeutsche Zeitung Hockenheimring circuit director Jorn Teske and Nürburgring spokesman Alexander Gerhard let it be known that both circuits are open to hosting the German Grand Prix, but the big problem is still funding.

According to Teske, it is not possible to refinance the Grands Prix at the sky-high amounts that some organizations pay. "We also all know the hurdles that come with it," Teske let it be known. Ideally, the two circuits would alternate again each year in hosting the German Grand Prix. "For me that's not even a compromise, it's actually an ideal solution. That's what I would strive for," concludes Teske.