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Michael Schumacher's car proves to be worth a little

Michael Schumacher's car proves to be worth a little

5 February - 19:14 Last update: 20:47


In their spare time, Formula 1 drivers also drive 'normal' street cars, of course. For example, between January and July 2010, Michael Schumacher drove a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG station wagon. This car was sold at auction last week. But the proceeds were a big disappointment.

Not in demand

At the auction, it was hoped to raise at least $110,000. But it turned out to be only the paltry sum of 27,600 euros. An amount for which the car could have been found on an average car site. A similar car can sometimes be found online for 25,000 pound. Apparently, the car of an F1 legend was not that popular.

This raises a few eyebrows: why is Michael Schumacher's car not worth over a lot more? According to the German Bild the reason is simple: although Schumi drove the car, it was not actually registerd in his name. The car was registered in the name of Mercedes-Benz in Switzerland.

Tesla in demand

Another car in which Schumacher was behind the wheel did better at the same auction. A Tesla Roadster in which the German raced during the Race of Champions in 2010 changed hands for 138,000 euros.

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