Drivers will receive a grid penalty after five reprimands in 2022

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2 February 2022 at 16:45
Last update 2 February 2022 at 19:37

A Formula One driver will receive a ten-place penalty starting in 2022 when he has had five reprimands. This is a change from previous years, as then a driver already received the penalty at three reprimands.

From three to five reprimands

For years, FIA commissioners have had the ability to issue reprimands when drivers show minor sloppiness on the track. After three of these warnings, the driver received a grid penalty for the next Grand Prix, but this will only happen in 2022 after five reprimands reports Auto, Motor und Sport.

What is special is that the ten-place penalty is only given when four of these five reprimands have been given for driving infringements. Reprimands are given for smaller things such as blocking an opponent during his qualifying lap or returning to the track unsafely after a driver has skidded off the track.

Expansion of calendar the cause

The reason for the change in this rule is the increased number of Grands Prix per season. When the reprimands appeared in the rulebook, a season consisted of 17 races. In 2022, the calendar consists of 23 Grands Prix.

In 2021, no one managed more than two reprimands and thus no grid penalties were handed out. Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Esteban Ocon were the drivers who received two yellow cards.