'FIA gives Hamilton his due and possibly says goodbye to Masi'

28-01-2022 11:44 | Updated: 28-01-2022 14:53
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'FIA gives Hamilton his due and possibly says goodbye to Masi'

The FIA is preparing drastic measures behind the scenes following the discussions that erupted after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It is possible that Michael Masi could be replaced as per reports from the BBC.

Lewis Hamilton seemed to be on course for the title in Abu Dhabi, but nothing was further from the truth. A crash by Nicholas Latifi triggered a yellow flag and suddenly Max Verstappen had the opportunity to get past Hamilton on the last lap with fresher tyres. Missing out on the world title obviously hurt the Brit, after which he demanded change.

Over the last month and a half, the FIA ​​reportedly talked a lot with the teams to explore what it would take for Formula 1 to operate credibly. The conclusions revealed, among other things, that at the end of the season there was too much pressure on the shoulders of the race management, for which Masi was responsible. The organisation therefore wants to take more precautions in the future to prevent this.

Departure of Masi is a possibility

At the same time, insiders state to the English medium that they do not see how Masi can continue to be credible in the future. Several teams have also urged the FIA ​​to allow Masi to leave. Any decisions could be crucial on Hamilton's future.

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