De Vries on 'aggressive driving style' in Formula E: 'Yes can't be otherwise'

28-01-2022 10:50 | Updated: 28-01-2022 14:51
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De Vries on 'aggressive driving style' in Formula E: 'Yes can't be otherwise'

Nyck de Vries conquered the title in his second season in Formula E, but he has indicated in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport that he had to get used to the aggressive driving style of the sport.

Formula E is often compared to Formula 1, but is actually a completely different sport. The electric cars race on street circuits and it comes down to tactical moves and aggressive overtaking whether you can get to the front. However, this sometimes results in overly aggressive actions.

Racing in Formula E

''I have the feeling that the basic level in Formula E is pretty aggressive. Drivers who wait and see are eaten up by the rest of the field. In another series, maybe I would be more controlled and wait for my chance, but you adapt to the environment," said the Mercedes driver.

According to De Vries, the standards during racing are not always okay, although he himself admits that he is sometimes wrong. "The problem is: you often have no other choice. If you wait then it only gets worse," said De Vries who starts his campaign to defend his captured world title this weekend in Diriyah.

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