Ferrari also hints at dark livery for 2022 with launch website

28-01-2022 09:03 | Updated: 28-01-2022 14:49
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Ferrari also hints at dark livery for 2022 with launch website

Ferrari's car presentation is not until February 17, but the Italian team has already given several hints about the new livery. It seems to be a dark color car this year.

Ferrari drove will drive in red as always, but the color has been fairly light in recent years. This was also combined with white accents in the livery. Starting in 2019, this became slightly darker, when Mission Winnow also came as a sponsor with a black logo on the car. The white accents disappeared and were replaced by the dark color.

Ferrari opts for dark

After earlier rumors that Ferrari are going to a darker shade of red starting in 2022, the team has already dropped several hints that this is indeed the case. In a video presenting the new sponsor CEVA Logistics, a large black area could already be seen on the team's truck.

In 2022, the livery actually seems to get darker, as it too The launch website is cloaked in dark colors. Although the presentation is not until mid-February, the website is already online. Again, the dark theme stands out with lots of black, but especially a striking dark red color.

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