Marko lets out a positive sound: 'Red Bull makes significant progress'

27-01-2022 08:32 | Updated: 27-01-2022 10:36
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Marko lets out a positive sound: 'Red Bull makes significant progress'

In 2022, the field will be much closer together than it has been in recent years. This is what Helmut Marko states in conversation with Autorevue, when he also looks ahead to Red Bull Racing' s chances in 2022.

No golden egg in 2022

For the new Formula 1 season, a completely new set of regulations is ready and that means that the teams will also come up with a completely new car. In such a year, it often happened in the past that one team managed to find something that the rest had not thought of, but that is becoming increasingly difficult.

At least, that is Marko's opinion. In the interview, the Austrian reveals that nowadays it is increasingly difficult to make the difference because every team, especially the top teams, have all kinds of computer programs to calculate everything. ''I don't believe in it,' ' Marko says when asked if anyone can come up with a golden egg again like BrawnGP did in 2009 with the double diffuser.

Progression at Red Bull

With this increase in technology, Marko also expects the field as a whole to come closer together. The Red Bull top man is also counting on Ferrari in this regard. After all, the Italian team already showed a big step with its engine power in 2021, Marko judges.

Although Red Bull Racing had to fight for the world title until the last race of 2021, the hope at the Austrian team is that they can also compete for the world title in 2022. Of course, there is no way to see how the competition is doing, but Marko does see that his team is managing to make "significant progress''.

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