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Allison expects battles: 'Then we have to keep attackers behind us'
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Allison expects battles: 'Then we have to keep attackers behind us'

25 January - 18:57 Last update: 20:58


After all, the new regulations that apply from 2022 are still so complex and there are still so many of them that James Allison can imagine that some teams on the grid could have an extremely painful year.

In a YouTube video from Mercedes, the team's top technical executive explains that the new set of rules for 2022 is very extensive. In addition, he calls it a minefield. His expectations for this year are therefore quite sensational. Indeed, the Briton does not rule out the possibility that several teams have completely misinterpreted the rules this winter.

Allison expects anything can happen

"I can imagine that - given the cars are so new and so different - one or two teams have done very poorly and are wrong, so they will have an extremely painful year." Allison thinks every team probably left things on the drawing board this winter. "We'll all look at the other cars and think, 'Why didn't we think of that?'"

According to Allison, it is important to be as prepared as possible, but not having certain things not yet mastered with the car is not an immediate disaster this year. The engineer indicates that Mercedes will also look to solutions from other teams if necessary to move forward. That Mercedes will not compete at least at the top seems unlikely, but Allison says, "If we are lucky enough to be at the front, we should keep the attacking wolves behind us."

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