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A lot of complaints about the Max Verstappen shop due to bad merchandise
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A lot of complaints about the Max Verstappen shop due to bad merchandise

25 January - 10:54 Last update: 12:00


There was a stampede towards the official fan shop of Max Verstappen when he became world champion at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Great news for the shop and Verstappen you might say, but it is now raining complaints.

The Dutchman is becoming more and more popular and winning the world title only makes this popularity grow. After the season finale, people immediately ordered merchandise on the Max Verstappen Fanshop, but the demand was far too high. It now appears that the webshop could not handle the number of orders at all.

The Dutch television program Radar decided to investigate since they received many complaints from disappointed fans. Orders didn't arrive or arrived very late, but also the quality of the merchandise was terrible according to some fans. The delay is very understandable according to them, but the poor quality is unacceptable.

Reaction Max Verstappen Fanshop

The fanshop told Radar that the servers and the website could not handle the number of visitors and orders. "The demand was much higher than we could have predicted and hoped for. That same Sunday we therefore immediately switched gears, with the thought of ultimately not having to disappoint any fans."

It's good that they didn't want to disappoint any fans, but that ultimately led to a focus on quantity rather than quality. Items were delivered quickly, but the craftmanship was different and in many cases worse. The fan shop does let everyone know that people who are dissatisfied can simply return the purchase free of charge.

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