Gasly's priority is with Red Bull: 'Try to put myself in the best position'

24-01-2022 14:28 | Updated: 24-01-2022 17:00
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Gasly's priority is with Red Bull: 'Try to put myself in the best position'

Pierre Gasly is facing an uncertain future. The AlphaTauri driver is hoping for a return to Red Bull Racing, but with the arrival of Sergio Perez, the Frenchman has no certainty.

After Gasly had to return to Toro Rosso after his half-season at Red Bull due to disappointing results, the 25-year-old driver has shown that he is still a great talent. In 2020 and 2021, he achieved strong results at AlphaTauri, including a win at Monza.

With as many as ten empty seats in 2023, there are several options for Gasly, but his goal is still to get back into the second Red Bull seat. In an interview with The Race, Gasly stressed that the next step will be very important for his career. He will have to wait and see what Red Bull's plan is with Max Verstappen and Perez.

Option in 2023?

"First of all, my priority is Red Bull. But at the moment, they have decided to continue with Sergio. I don’t know what they’re going to plan. They’re saying probably 2023 there could be an option, so yeah, I’ll try to put myself in the best position for that.”

According to the Frenchman, he can improve especially in terms of experience. "If you look at Max, he came in very young but he was making more mistakes compared to what he does now." The same goes for Lewis Hamilton, according to Gasly. So his short time at Red Bull does not say everything about his talent.

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