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McLaren team boss ensures success: 'Race winner again'

McLaren team boss ensures success: 'Race winner again'

23 January - 10:55 Last update: 13:58


McLaren have had to work hard in recent years to get back among the top teams. Last season they came fourth in the Constructors' Championship and proved to have made considerable strides. According to Scott Mitchell, this is largely due to Zak Brown.

Under the leadership of the McLaren team boss, the team's ambitions were immediately high. Although the outside world did not have immediate confidence in the possibilities McLaren saw, Brown stuck to his beliefs and in recent years built a team that proved capable of competing with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing in some races.

"It turns out Brown knows a thing or two about running an F1 team after all," said the journalist from The Race. "He has taken McLaren to being a top three/four team and a race winner again, reunited it with Mercedes in the process with one of the team's most significant strategic moves under his watch, and secured its future."

McLaren have high hopes for 2022

This coming season, McLaren hopes to make some real progress. The new regulations seem to give the team a good chance to compete for the world title. With Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris it seems that McLaren have two drivers in house who are capable of making things difficult for Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

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