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Australian Grand Prix requires vaccination to participate in race weekend

Australian Grand Prix requires vaccination to participate in race weekend

23 January - 09:51 Last update: 10:17


Formula 1 will travel to Australia in April to complete the third Grand Prix of the season. The past two years the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but for now all signs are green for it to take place this year. The drivers will however have to deal with clear rules in Australia.

During the past few weeks, Novak Djokovic's name was frequently in the news. Australia only allows people into the country who are fully vaccinated, while the top tennis player is not. Despite this, the athlete simply traveled expecting a medical exemption to allow him access. However, a legal battle followed and Djokovic had to leave the country after all.

The organization around the GP of Australia wants to avoid such situations and has meanwhile clearly let the teams know what the rules are. For example, everyone, including the drivers, must be fully vaccinated. If this is not the case then it is impossible to participate in the event. Organiser Andrew Westacott reported this in conversation with Fox Sports.

Australian GP is as good as certain

Westacott emphasised that the organisation is doing everything possible to make the GP in 2022 possible. In recent months they have worked hard behind the scenes to prepare the country for the arrival of the drivers. Valtteri Bottas was the last winner of the race in 2019.

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