Russell puts move to Mercedes in perspective: 'I'm grateful'

23-01-2022 07:24 | Updated: 23-01-2022 09:42
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Russell puts move to Mercedes in perspective: 'I'm grateful'

George Russell is preparing for his first season with a top team at Mercedes. Although for the driver there is a lot coming his way, he has a lot of confidence in himself that he will do well at the German racing stable.

The Briton had an excellent year at Williams in which he obviously got everything out of the car. It resulted in a fifteenth place in the world championship and a switch to Mercedes, which in the meantime had become impressed by his qualities. In conversation with Russell clearly shows that he hasn't forgotten Williams.

Indeed, Russell thanks his former team for the support he received. "I’m grateful to have been able to learn my trade, a bit under the radar," Russell reveals. "And being prepared as much as possible for when I do have a car that hopefully can help me achieve what I want to achieve."

Russell prepares for competition

The driver stresses he would like to fight for the world title, although it remains to be seen whether he can do so straight away in his first season. Russell will face competition from Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, among others, while drivers from other teams will also dream of a championship battle.

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