Work to be done for Silverstone and Monza, states Alpine's CEO

22-01-2022 19:29 | Updated: 23-01-2022 09:25
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Work to be done for Silverstone and Monza, states Alpine's CEO

The Formula 1 calendar features more and more state-of-the-art circuits, such as in Jeddah or Abu Dhabi. Circuits where everything is arranged down to the last detail. They often lack one facet: a great history.


Ask the average F1 fan and they will prefer circuits like Monza, Spa and Silverstone to new ones like in the Middle East. Circuits that still radiate the past are also usually the drivers' favorites. But all that history also has a downside: the infrastructure is often in need of improvement and the circuits could also undergo a metamorphosis.

With the new circuits in the Middle East and soon Miami, the bar is being raised ever higher. If historic circuits are to remain relevant, they must go the extra mile. At least that is the theory of Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine. He indicates in conversation with Formula Passion that in Abu Dhabi, for example, everything is perfectly organised and it is great there.

Resting laurels

He is less positive about the current state of Silverstone and Monza: "It's great to race in Monza and Silverstone. I really like those races, but you have to stay at the top level, because the others will probably improve. I like the approach of the new circuits. They have interesting circuits and amazing infrastructures. For me, it's an interesting way to make sure we don't rest on our laurels in Europe."

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