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Vettel on his way out? He would no longer be among the top five drivers

Vettel on his way out? He would no longer be among the top five drivers

22 January - 17:51 Last update: 22 January - 17:51


Sebastian Vettel is a four-time world champion in Formula 1. There are few people who can say that. Whatever happens, Vettel will go down in history as one of the greatest F1 drivers ever. His achievements in recent years will soon be discussed less often.


In the last few years at Ferrari, Vettel had already struggled. With his move to Aston Martin, the German got the fun back, but wasn't outstanding. According to Anthony Davidson, a former F1 driver himself and currently working as an analyst for Sky Sports, Vettel is not even one of the best five drivers on the grid anymore.

The Aston Martin car was not exactly known for its speed last season. In conversation with Motorsport.com Davidson also says that a driver is always dependent on the available material. When Davidson looks through that, he would not put Vettel among the top drivers after all. For that, he does mention Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, followed by Charles Leclerc. Carlos Sainz also sees the Englishman as one of the five best on the grid. Lando Norris of McLaren would complete his top five.

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Vettel himself has by no means given up hope of reviving his glory days. The German is confident that after the rule changes Aston Martin will have a car that can at least always compete in the subtop, and hopefully the podium places.

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