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Despite ban on fighter jets, Red Arrows are welcome at Silverstone

Despite ban on fighter jets, Red Arrows are welcome at Silverstone

22 January - 11:26 Last update: 22 January - 11:26


Despite Formula 1's ban on military air shows prior to a Grand Prix, it looks like there will be a show at Silverstone after all. The Red Arrows from Great Britain will be allowed to show their skills.

Banning air shows in F1

On January 20, the news came out that Formula 1 will ban military air shows in 2022. The reason for this is the pollution caused by the aircraft, as this does not fit with the objectives of Formula 1.

Exception for Red Arrows

However, this does not mean that there will be no more air shows at all in 2022. Indeed, Stuart Pringle, general manager of Circuit Silverstone, reveals that the Red Arrows will be welcome at the weekend of the British Grand Prix. "The Red Arrows have played a significant part in entertaining motorsport fans since they first performed at the British Grand Prix in 1966 and I am pleased to say that Formula One has confirmed this much-loved tradition can continue at Silverstone in 2022," he says according to Reuters news agency.

Pringle explains that the Red Arrows are not classified as military aviation. Therefore, they fall outside the category that is no longer allowed by Formula 1. Incidentally, passenger planes flying over the circuit are allowed, provided they fly on sustainable fuels.

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