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Russell backs Norris: 'Everyone should be able to talk about that openly'

Russell backs Norris: 'Everyone should be able to talk about that openly'

21 January - 19:26 Last update: 19:52


George Russell supports Lando Norris when it comes to mental health. Although Russell admits that he has never really had any problems with it himself, he hopes that the taboo surrounding mental health can be broken.

In 2021, Norris admitted to struggling with mental issues. The McLaren driver said then that the stress and pressure was taking its toll. Many people choose to keep these kinds of problems to themselves, but Russell believes everyone should be able to talk about mental health. "Mental health is something that needs to be spoken about openly for everybody, especially in men," he reveals in conversation with Crash.net.

Speaking up shows strength

Often issues surrounding mental health are labelled as a weakness, but Russell doesn't think so. He thinks that being able to talk about it is just the opposite and that it shows strength. The brand new Mercedes driver himself has not had any negative thoughts, but he does admit that he sometimes struggles to cope with disappointment.

Russell thinks that people with mental problems should tackle them head-on. "That will help you power through, raise your spirits and lift you higher," says the 23-year-old driver.

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