'Renault makes bomb of an engine for Alpine in 2022'

21-01-2022 17:41 | Updated: 21-01-2022 19:45
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'Renault makes bomb of an engine for Alpine in 2022'

Alpine is coming out with a redesign of the old engine in 2022 and according to Spanish media, this would be a "bomb" of an engine. It seems that the French racing stable wants to make a big step towards the front of the grid.

Very fast Renault engine

2022 could just be the year of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon. In 2021, the two drivers still had to have an engine that had not seen any major changes since 2018, but this year that seems to be changing. The Spanish AS has reported that the Renault engine used by Alpine is a 'bomb' of an engine.

With this new engine, Renault is just in time. This is because from the new season an 'engine freeze' applies, which means that major changes are no longer possible. The 2022 engine will be more compact, so the bodywork will be a lot narrower and there will be less drag. The 2021 Alpine A521 featured a giant hump. This was needed to cool the engine.

'El Plan' put into action

The new engine seems to be part of the so-called 'El Plan', in which the goal is to make Alonso world champion one more time. In 2022 that should be the first step, but the reliability of the new engine does not seem to be quite right yet. It is not yet known when Alpine will present the new car.

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