Binotto speaks of twenty horsepower loss in engine power

20-01-2022 18:07 | Updated: 21-01-2022 09:10
Binotto speaks of twenty horsepower loss in engine power

Helmut Marko already announced at the beginning of this year that F1 engines will have twenty less horsepower starting this season because of the switch to new fuel. Ferrari team boss of Mattia Binotto joins Marko's words.

The premier class of motor racing is switching from E5 to E10 fuel for sustainability reasons. However, this will be accompanied by a performance loss of twenty horsepower. Binotto explains in an interview with RACER Binotto explains that this will mainly lead to significant changes in the design of the combustion chamber of the Ferrari power unit.

"Just considering that different fuel — whatever is the supplier — we are losing more or less 20 horsepower, which means somehow the combustion itself is quite changed", says the Italian top executive. "So there were a lot of opportunities in development on the power unit and we changed it quite a lot, especially in the design of the combustion itself.”

Engine freeze

Ferrari hopes to have definitively closed the gap to Mercedes and Honda with the 2022 engine. Last year, the first signs of engine recovery were already visible, but Binotto and his team are hoping for more next season. It is important to arrive at the start of the season with a good engine, because in 2022 the engine freeze will also come into effect.

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