Marko denies statements by Albon: 'There's no reason to think that'

19-01-2022 16:38 | Updated: 19-01-2022 18:30
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Marko denies statements by Albon: 'There's no reason to think that'

According to Alexander Albon, Red Bull Racing has put too much energy into the 2021 car, so the team are now behind in their developments for next season. Helmut Marko denies the rumors.

Albon spent a lot of time in Red Bull's simulator last season, giving the Williams driver a lot to take in on the development of the car. Marko makes it clear that fans have nothing to worry about. He expects Red Bull will be back in the fight for the championship in the upcoming season.

"Albon's comments have been misinterpreted. I can only say: we want to defend Max Verstappen's title and we are in a favourable position to do so", the Red Bull advisor said in conversation with F1 Insider.

Marko is not worried

This coming season the new regulations will be introduced, so teams working are extra hard on the car for 2022. Marko explains that the team had two different development programs running in 2021, and both worked. "There is no reason to think that Mercedes and we are not the favorites this year", he ends.

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