"It would be the same if Max went to Mercedes, for example"

19-01-2022 13:02 | Updated: 19-01-2022 14:50
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It would be the same if Max went to Mercedes, for example

Sergio Perez had hoped for more in his first season as a Red Bull Racing driver. The Mexican admits that the switch from Racing Point to Red Bull was more difficult than expected and hopes to deliver more in 2022.

Perez didn't have a particularly bad season, but it could have been better. 'Checo' was on the podium a total of five times, including one win. He was also important in the title fight and could help teammate Max Verstappen by, for example, holding off Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi. Perez was hoping for more, however, but admits that getting used to the new environment was more difficult than expected beforehand.

Learning a new philosophy is difficult

According to The Race Perez says that driving with a different engine and different philosophy in terms of the car was a very difficult task. "The way you approach things is just extremely different and you have to learn new techniques. Basically, what I used to do, nothing really worked," the Mexican reveals.

"It would be the same if Max went to Mercedes, for example," Perez continued. He let it be known that, according to his own feeling, things went a lot better in the second half of the season. In 2022 Perez expects improvements, as he already has a year with the team. "So that’s a very different picture," he concludes.

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