Aston Martin bring Red Bull aerodynamicist in early after all

18-01-2022 19:46 | Updated: 19-01-2022 10:10
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Aston Martin bring Red Bull aerodynamicist in early after all

Red Bull Racing's 'top aerodynamicist' Dan Fallows will move to Aston Martin as early as April. The teams have agreed on an earlier acquisition of the Red Bull Racing team member after all.

Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin close deal after all

In June of 2021, it was already clear that Fallows was being snubbed away from Red Bull. At Aston Martin, the chief would be working as a technical manager. Although the takeover was approved from both sides, Red Bull did stress that Fallows would have to sit out his contract until 2023. With a official press statement both teams are now reporting that Fallows will go to Aston Martin sooner after all.

In just over two months, Fallows will already be joining the ranks of Lawrence Stroll. Because he will now make the switch early, he is in a position to make his mark on the team's 2023 car. In the statement regarding Fallows' switch, team boss Christian Horner reported, "We want to thank Dan for his many years of excellent service." Aston Martin's Martin Whitmarsh says: "We are delighted with the agreement with Red Bull, which will see Dan released from his contract earlier. We look forward to his arrival."

Fallows himself says: "I have had happy years at Red Bull Racing and I am proud of what we have achieved. I am looking forward to next season and to a new challenge." There is no word on the terms of Fallows' switch. Since it is still early in the year and nothing has been done yet on the 2023 car at either team, it is likely that Fallows will not bring any secret information with him that he can pass on to Aston Martin.

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