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Russell confident: 'I admire how loyal Mercedes and Wolff are'

Russell confident: 'I admire how loyal Mercedes and Wolff are'

18 January - 15:48 Last update: 16:51


George Russell will drive his first season with Mercedes in 2022. The driver replaces Valtteri Bottas, who was loyal to the team for five years. The Brit expresses his admiration for Mercedes' loyalty.

Russell hopes that the same loyalty will apply to him. Bottas was often criticised for not being strong enough for the seat at Mercedes. According to some F1 experts, the team should have said goodbye to him earlier.

The Finn was the ideal wingman for Lewis Hamilton, yet his results were increasingly mediocre. Mercedes kept extending his contract, despite Russell's growth at Williams. After five years, Bottas' contract finally came to an end.

Russell has admiration for Mercedes

"What I admire so much from Mercedes and Toto is how loyal they are to their own", Russell tells the podcast of Motorsport Magazine. According to the 23-year-old driver, Bottas has been a key figure for the team as he has helped make its success possible.

According to Russell, Mercedes doesn't just throw a driver out after a few bad races. "They give people the full opportunity, and the full chance. I’m a 23-year-old. From their side, there’s no need to rush. We’ve got the whole future ahead." The loyalty will give the fresh Mercedes driver confidence. Russell knows he will be rewarded if he works hard and performs. "So I’ve got to be very grateful and thankful to have Toto as [my] boss, I’m sure", he says.

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