Overview | On these days the F1 teams launch their 2022 cars
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Overview | On these days the F1 teams launch their 2022 cars

18 January - 11:07 Last update: 18 January - 11:07

The 2022 Formula 1 season is already upon us and that means that the teams are going to present their cars with which they will compete in the new season. Find out here when your favorite team will present the new car.

New rules, new cars

The cars in 2022 will look completely different than in recent years. This season, new regulations will come into force that will make the battle in Formula 1 even more exciting. The most striking feature of the new cars will be the front and rear wings. The front wing will be a much simpler model, with teams no longer allowed to put all sorts of flaps on the wing.

The lack of all these aerodynamic tricks should ensure that the air behind a car is now much "cleaner. The dirty air behind F1 cars was so great in recent years that it was hardly possible to follow another car without smoking up your tires.


Something to look forward to prior to the season is always the livery of the F1 cars. Mercedes seems to be returning to the old familiar silver after two years in black. It is possible that Red Bull Racing will come back with a special livery that will only be on the car during the unveiling and film day, but nothing is known about that as yet. What the other racing teams will do is also not yet known.

The complete line-up for the presentations of the new car

Mercedes: February 18
Red Bull Racing: TBC
Ferrari: February 17
McLaren: February 11
Alpine: February 21
AlphaTauri: February 14
Aston Martin: February 10
Alfa Romeo Racing: TBC
Williams: TBC
Haas F1: TBC

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