'Red Bull took a gamble by title race with 2022 venture'

17-01-2022 19:47 | Updated: 17-01-2022 21:04
by GPblog.com
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'Red Bull took a gamble by title race with 2022 venture'

Red Bull Racing had to work hard to win the world title with Max Verstappen in 2021. The Austrian racing stable put a lot of time into last year's car, putting the upcoming season on the back burner. That's what Alexander Albon tells Motorsport.com in an interview.

The Thai had an important role in Red Bull's work in the simulator last season. Where he focused fifty percent on the current season and the other half on 2022, which changed at the end of the year. Verstappen's team realized that a world title was in the cards, so it decided to focus less on the following year.

It's quite a risk to take, as Formula 1 cars will have to comply with new regulations in 2022. It causes the cars to get closer to each other, so teams can make the difference on details. Since Red Bull invested less time than other teams before that, the Austrians could be in trouble.

Albon reassures Verstappen and Perez

However, Albon does not expect this to be the case. The driver, who will join Williams next season, points to recent history, in which Red Bull managed to get a competitive car on the track every season. As a result, Sergio Perez and Verstappen would not have to worry for the time being.

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