Raikkonen: "In the past, every race was like gambling in a casino"

17-01-2022 19:19 | Updated: 17-01-2022 21:04
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Raikkonen: In the past, every race was like gambling in a casino

Kimi Raikkonen made the decision to leave Formula 1 last year. Where his contract expired at Alfa Romeo, he thought his career in motor racing was long enough. He looks back on that period positively, although he has few good words for the organization.

The Finnish driver is certainly not known for his grandiose lyrics in front of the camera, but behind the scenes, with his years of experience, he has a clear opinion on where Formula 1 should go. On several occasions in his career, Raikkonen felt that as a driver he couldn't exert any control over the decisions made by the management, he says in an interview with Sport Bild.

"In the past, every race was like gambling in a casino," Raikkonen explains. "You never knew what you would get that day and if you would cross the finish line. But it doesn't matter if you like the development or not. We drivers don't decide the rules or where we race. We are just employees of the teams, just like mechanics. Formula 1 is not interested in our opinion."

Performance in Raikkonen's final season

Raikkonen managed to secure points at only four circuits last season, finishing in 16th position in the standings. The Finn picked up ten points, giving him three points more than Nicholas Latifi. His teammate Antonio Giovinazzi did not get further than three points.

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