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Damon Hill: 'This title will be unsatisfactory for Verstappen'

Damon Hill: 'This title will be unsatisfactory for Verstappen'

15-01-2022 16:38 Last update: 19:40


Despite the fact that the last race of the 2021 F1 season was held over a month ago, the discussion about it still continues. Damon Hill has argued that the championship will feel unsatisfactory to Max Verstappen because of the way it was obtained.

The FIA is currently investigating the events of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and will present its findings in March. Until then, the discussion about the championship will continue with some intensity. Now, Damon Hill has also shared his opinion again.

The 1996 world champion understands that Hamilton fans feel robbed and also understands the actions of the Brit and the team after the race. Despite that, Hill earlier called on fans via Twitter to put the issue behind them.

Hill argued that the title will not feel good for Max Verstappen either. "Sure in the Dutch camp they are happy with the result, but was it a satisfying way to decide the championship? You have to say it was unsatisfactory and I think even unfair," stated the analyst on Sky Sports F1.

An unfair decision

Indeed, the former F1 driver still believes that the decision to allow only a few cars to overtake the safety car was not the right one. According to Hill, that intervention by Michael Masi was "unfair" to other drivers and therefore, in the eyes of the Brit, Verstappen's title was not obtained fairly either.

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