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AlphaTauri the surprise of 2022? 'We'll take that from Red Bull'

AlphaTauri the surprise of 2022? 'We'll take that from Red Bull'

15 January - 10:18 Last update: 12:36


AlphaTauri will come up with a car very similar to the new Red Bull Racing RB18 in 2022. This is in contrast to last season, when the Italian team did not choose to adopt 2020 components from Red Bull.

AlphaTauri takes over parts

Alpha Tauri had an impressive 2021. The team was often the fifth team and Pierre Gasly in particular managed to put in some very good performances. Red Bull's sister team chose not to take over the gearbox and rear suspension from the main team in 2021. Instead, the team stayed with the 2019 specification because it felt better.

This will not be the case in 2022. The AlphaTauri AT03 will lean on the design of the Red Bull RB18 and even has an option to widen it in 2023. "We'll take the gearbox, hydraulics and rear suspension from the 2022 Red Bull," technical director Jody Eggington revealed to the The Race. Eggington added that Red Bull will build the same parts for both teams, as this is possible according to the regulations.

Front end not from Red Bull

According to Eggington, the subtle difference is mainly the aerodynamics on the suspension, as that has to be specific to each team. AlphaTauri will take the mechanical parts from Red Bull. However, the front end will be completely designed by AlphaTauri itself. In recent years, AlphaTauri has played around by mixing parts from Red Bull with parts it has designed itself.

Eggington is already looking ahead and says he doesn't yet know what the 2023 car will look like. "For '23, we'll see because at that point there's more parts available on the menu and the list of transferrable parts we can choose," he concluded.

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