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Sky Sports reporters discuss future Hamilton: 'Eighth title too tempting'

Sky Sports reporters discuss future Hamilton: 'Eighth title too tempting'

14 January - 14:28 Last update: 15:20


It has now been more than a month since Max Verstappen won the world championship in Abu Dhabi. The reporters from Sky Sports discuss the current situation surrounding Lewis Hamilton and the race management.

The Briton failed to win his eighth title after Michael Masi's decision to restart the race behind the safety car. Hamilton is still nowhere to be seen on social media. According to earlier reports at Sky, the seven-time world champion would await the FIA 's investigation before deciding on his future.

Johnny Herbert puts himself in Hamilton's shoes. "I would not want to have the man who made the wrong decision to be in charge. I'd be very, very angry, if he was allowed back." Yet the other F1 experts do not think Hamilton will actually leave the sport.

Hamilton correctly motivated

"I'm sure that eighth title is too tempting, I'm sure he'll want to come back", adds Damon Hill. Martin Brundle doesn't believe the rumors either. "F1 is fantastically successful for the Mercedes-Benz brand and Lewis is 37 years old. We know he is still driving at his peak, incredibly determined and competitive. He'll be back."

The events in Abu Dhabi will only motivate Hamilton more, Sky reporters believe. In March, the FIA will announce the results of the investigation. Until then, we will continue to wait and see if the Briton makes any comments online.

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