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'Mercedes demanded sweeping changes at FIA'

'Mercedes demanded sweeping changes at FIA'

12 January - 12:50 Last update: 15:47


Formula 1 is in limbo for the time being as to what Lewis Hamilton's future looks like. The Briton is in danger of dropping out of the motorsport class after last season. According to the BBC Mercedes made a deal with the FIA for the new year.

Hamilton seemed to be on his way to his eighth world title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last calendar year, but on the last lap Max Verstappen passed him. The driver of Mercedes claimed that the FIA did not apply the rules properly in the race and left the circuit angry, and then did not let us hear from him again.

Behind the scenes the FIA already contacted Hamilton, but for now he is not open to comment. According to several sources of the English medium, in the meantime, it made a deal with Mercedes. Thus, Nikolas Tombazis, responsible for the technical affairs of the FIA, would no longer be allowed to sit in his position.

Concerns with Masi about his job

Race director Michael Masi should also be worried. The German racing team would like the Australian to likewise no longer sit in his position, but for the time being there seem to be few people who can take over his role. Incidentally, Mercedes denies that it has submitted demands to the FIA.

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