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Horner: That's easier for Verstappen than for other drivers
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Horner: "That's easier for Verstappen than for other drivers"

11 January - 17:58 Last update: 19:49


A number of sweeping rule changes are in store for the 2021 Formula One season. With completely new cars, the big question is which combination of team and driver will be in the best position. According to Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner, Max Verstappen already has the right credentials to be a good driver from the start.

Several Formula One drivers indicated that the new 2022 cars would be completely different to drive. Lando Norris even said that the driving style would have to be adapted for it. That adjustment will not be an obstacle for Verstappen, according to Horner.

Red Bull expects to be upfront with Verstappen

"Max has so much natural talent that it is easier for him than for other drivers to drive to the limit," the Red Bull team boss explained to Germany's Sport1. "He doesn't feel any pressure when he's full throttle, so he can still see what's happening with the race, the car and the opponents. That's very rare."

Helmut Marko agrees with Horner's words and is therefore not at all worried about the Dutchman's adaptability. He, therefore, does not think that any lack of grip will be a major problem for the world champion. "For Max, the car needs to be as fast as possible, it doesn't need to be comfortable," says the Red Bull advisor.

In addition, as in 2021, the Austrian expects to compete at the front with Mercedes. "We think we will be on par with Mercedes upfront, unless someone finds a loophole like back then with the double diffuser," Marko concludes.

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