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Honda chief expects F1 return: 'History repeats, so I hope it can happen'

Honda chief expects F1 return: 'History repeats, so I hope it can happen'

11 January - 14:21 Last update: 15:17


Honda has left Formula 1 at the end of 2021 after seven years. Honda president Masashi Yamamoto hopes the engine supplier will return to the sport in the future.

Honda ended the season with a highlight, winning the world championship with Max Verstappen. In 2022, staff from the engine supplier will still accompany Red Bull Racing with the development of the Red Bull Powertrains, but after that, the team is really on its own.

The Japanese manufacturer has not yet responded to a possible return in the future, but Yamamoto himself thinks that Honda will make another attempt at some point. He reveals this in conversation with F1.com.

'Hope it can happen'

"Personally I hope and expect Honda will come back to Formula 1,” he told F1.com “It depends on young people in Honda being passionate about motorsport and if they can convince senior management to come back. But history repeats, so I hope it can happen", the top executive says.

Yamamoto previously said that he believes Honda stopped working together with Red Bull too soon. He had personally wanted to continue the cooperation. Nevertheless, he is proud of the efforts made in recent years.

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