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Formula E strikes big blow by bringing in Maserati

Formula E strikes big blow by bringing in Maserati

11-01-2022 08:07 Last update: 09:01


Starting in 2023, Formula E welcomes a big name in the sport. The Italian brand will thus participate in a 'single-seater' racing class for the first time in 66 years.

With an Italian flag on its predominantly purple livery, Maserati's return to motorsport is now official. The Italian brand will be seen in Formula E starting in 2023 and will enter into a partnership with DS Automobiles. According to The Race, the legendary brand will also continue to use that powertrain.

Maserati to Formula E

Maserati will enter in 2023 when the new Gen3 cars appear in FE. Maserati will not yet develop its own powertrain, but this is an option from 2025. Davide Grasso, the CEO of Maserati, is very proud that the brand is returning to the top of racing. ''We have a long history of achievements at the top of motorsport.''

For Formula E, this is good news, as it was just facing a drain. Audi and BMW already quit the FE project at the end of 2021, and at the end of 2022 Mercedes will also pull the plug on the Formula E branch. Fortunately, with the arrival of Maserati, the electric class is attracting another big name.

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