Norris thanks rival Ferrari: 'They kept us sharp'

Norris thanks rival Ferrari: 'They kept us sharp'

8 January - 19:14 Last update: 23:29

For a while it looked like it was going to be a walk in the park for McLaren in 2021, but Ferrari came back strong and even managed to take third place in the Constructors' Championship with a lead of almost fifty points. Lando Norris is happy that the Italian rival was able to pick up so much progression during the year, as he believes McLaren also benefited.

McLaren was not allowed to slack off for a moment, and the same was true for Norris and Daniel Ricciardo“Just being with that mentality of them keeping us on our toes, them keeping us pushing, trying to find [the] smallest bit of lap time," Norris stated to Formula 1 official website.

Struggling at the top in 2022

In Norris' view, both racing teams benefit from the battle that took place last season. In the run-up to 2022, where it is hoped that Red Bull Racing and Mercedes will battle it out, it is good to have already battled on the edge with a rival. Despite Ferrari's relatively large lead in the final standings, the two teams did not give each other an inch during the season.

Norris himself indicated on several occasions that he was ready for the duel with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The only 22-year-old Briton has yet to take a victory in his fledgling F1 career, although he came very close in Russia. Precipitation a few laps from the end of the Grand Prix threw a spanner in the works. At Monza he finished second, his best performance to date. In 2022 the first victory should be a fact.

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