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Russell: 'Privilege to drive alongside best driver ever'

Russell: 'Privilege to drive alongside best driver ever'

08-01-2022 14:21 Last update: 16:16


For the upcoming F1 season, seats and drivers have been shuffled around again. But the transfer that will obviously attract the most attention is that of George Russell to Mercedes. The young Brit is therefore prepared for a crazy year.

George Russell has shown considerable patience in his Formula One career. Since winning Formula 2 in impressive fashion, the Briton has been allowed to showcase his talents at the Williams team. But Russell, of course, is really looking forward to competing for victories at Mercedes.

In 2022 he may finally let loose, but before that happens he will take a nice vacation. "I believe that's important, because I think next year is going to be the most intense year in my life when it comes to racing," the brand new Mercedes driver let it be known in an interview with the media, including Express. And in addition to the races, that also includes the tasks off the track.

Racing alongside Hamilton

According to Russell, he has been quite fortunate at Williams because he didn't have to do much marketing there. But things will be different at Mercedes, with all the sponsors the team has and the responsibilities that come with that.

In addition, the Briton can't wait to get to work on the new cars and help the team with their development. And, of course, he will be racing with and against one of the biggest names in Formula 1 history. "To form a team with Lewis Hamilton is hugely exciting. I am in a privileged position to drive alongside the best driver ever," Russell concludes.

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