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Binotto proud of his team: 'Think we've got the best line-up in F1'

Binotto proud of his team: 'Think we've got the best line-up in F1'

8 January - 08:33 Last update: 11:24


There is a very good chance that Carlos Sainz will remain at Ferrari for a longer period of time. In fact, the team is about to start contract talks. Mattia Binotto has been impressed with Sainz's first season.

The Spaniard became the replacement for Sebastian Vettel last season and was offered a two-year deal at Ferrari. His season was impressive with a string of fifteen consecutive finishes in the points. He also achieved four podium finishes.

Binotto previously let it be known that he wants to start contract talks with Sainz soon. The 27-year-old driver ended up scoring better than Charles Leclerc in the drivers' championship. According to Binotto, his team has the best driver duo on the grid. The goal was always to score points consistently and they succeeded last season.

'Best lineup in F1'

"“I think as I often said, we’ve got the best line-up in Formula 1 and in the paddock, and pretty certainly, I’m pretty happy with what Carlos did this season", Binotto says on the official website of F1. The team managed to beat McLaren for the third spot in the constructors' championship in 2021 after an exciting fight throughout the season.

"We signed with him because we said he is a good racer, consistent, always scoring good points. I think he’s as well a good learner, because during the season he has improved." The team boss believes Sainz performed best in the closing stages of the season, indicating that he learned quickly and got used to the car.

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