Marko calls race control 'arbitrary': 'That particularly bothered Red Bull'

06-01-2022 17:23 | Updated: 06-01-2022 19:49
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Marko calls race control 'arbitrary': 'That particularly bothered Red Bull'

Although Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton still feel deprived of the 2021 F1 title, Red Bull Racing advisor Dr. Helmut Marko stresses that Red Bull in particular was often disadvantaged by the race control. The Austrian has hopes for improvement with the new FIA president.

Marko expects a lot from new FIA president

In mid-December, after the 2021 motorsport awards ceremony, Mohammed Ben Sulayem became the new boss of the umbrella motorsport body, the FIA. The Arab has replaced France's Jean Todt. Dr. Marko's eyes are on the new FIA president; indeed, Marko is hopeful that the newcomer will bring about positive changes.

According to the Red Bull chief, the race management in F1 races needs to start acting more consistently. At ServusTV, Marko says he has heard positive things so far about Ben Sulayem. "He wants to innovate, and I think it's important to keep in mind the motto that Niki Lauda once coined: 'Let them race'."

Red Bulls problems with the FIA

According to Marko, over the season there is no consistency in the judgment of the race committee, which makes the decisions all seem very arbitrary. A first important step that needs to be taken according to the Austrian is that as few envoys as possible from each team should be in contact with race director Michael Masi. Masi is in fact extremely busy during a race and often has only a few seconds to make a decision.

In addition, according to Marko, the rules also need to become more precise. The stewards need to deal with this better by making their decision clearer and faster. The decisions themselves, also need to be better according to the advisor. Marko: "Then I think all the incidents, which mainly bothered Red Bull, but also other teams like Mercedes, can be prevented."

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