No feud Wolff against Masi: 'Whole system must be improved'

No feud Wolff against Masi: 'Whole system must be improved'

5 January - 18:35 Last update: 18:42

Toto Wolff hopes that reforms will soon take place within the premier class of motorsport when it comes to adherence to sporting regulations and whether or not penalties are handed out for on-track duels. Mercedes' top executive believes that the sport should not be made into too much of a show. Formula 1 should be about motor racing he believes.

Wolff speaks of a "big problem". The 49-year-old Austrian still has no idea how the decision that enabled Max Verstappen to win in Abu Dhabi could have been reached. According to him, the rules were applied inconsistently. In Wolff's view, this inconsistency always leads to controversy, while in many cases it is completely unnecessary.

System must be overhauled

Not only in Abu Dhabi, but throughout the year, consistency was far from a reality. That is what must change in 2022, because, according to Wolff, entertainment must follow the sport and not the other way around."Stefano Domenicali, for example, is a real racing man and would not be interested in interfering in the races just for the sake of entertainment. I can't estimate what pressure the race director is under at the moment, but the rules are the rules," Wolff states according to Marca.

However, the team boss of Mercedes, who won the World Constructors' Championship for the eighth time in a row last season, is not engaged in a personal feud against Michael Masi. The race director received much criticism in mid-December, but Wolff thinks it's a little too easy to put all the blame on the Australian."It's not just about replacing the race director. The whole decision-making system has to be improved."

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