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Hamilton will have a tough time: 'Russell will outperform him at times'

Hamilton will have a tough time: 'Russell will outperform him at times'

23-12-2021 19:16 Last update: 22:07


Formula 1 will face an intriguing new driver duo next year. George Russell will replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes for 2022, and beyond, and will drive alongside the experienced Lewis Hamilton. Marc Priestley has high hopes for the pair.

In his new YouTube video, the F1 expert looks ahead to the new season. "Russell clearly can't match the experience of Lewis Hamilton." In terms of speed, Priestley does expect him to match Hamilton, however. "George has a lot to learn, but I think on certain days he's going to push Lewis massively and on some occasions I'm sure will outperform him."

Big task for Russell

According to Priestley, the battle will be exciting both on and off the track. On a mental level, the two drivers can challenge each other, and when Hamilton officially leaves the sport, Russell may be the future of Mercedes. The British driver has been part of the Mercedes Young Driver Acadamy for several years now, and has been touted for a spot at the top team for a while.

"He needs to start building the team around him, and start gathering support. I suspect he'll do that through his driving, but he's also an incredibly nice guy", Priestley says.

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