World champion Opmeer signs contract: another year Mercedes

World champion Opmeer signs contract: another year Mercedes

21-12-2021 20:41 Last update: 21-12-2021 20:41

Just like Max Verstappen, Jarno Opmeer also celebrated this week. The Mercedes driver won the F1 Esports world title for the second time in a row last week. A branch of sport that grows bigger and bigger, with more and more followers.

Another year

It is therefore not surprising that Formula 1 teams invest more and more in Esports. Opmeer has two engineers at his disposal who focus entirely on Esports. With probably the best facilities on the grid, it is logical that Opmeer wants to stay longer with the team. In an exclusive interview with GPblog he was able to confirm a longer stay: "I don't know if I am allowed to say it, but I will say it anyway. I will be driving for Mercedes next year as well. Besides F1 Esports, I'll also be doing Le Mans and Formula E for the team," said Opmeer, who has agreed another one-year contract.

So it's a busy programme, starting in January with a virtual race on the historic Le Mans circuit. A race in which Mercedes does not participate in 'real life'. "If they only do the things, which they also do in real life, then you don't have many competitions. So that's why they've kind of stepped away from it and are doing this too. Esports really needs to be a separate thing."

Lots of time and money

For successful Esports drivers, the same applies as for racing drivers: if you do well, you get pulled in. "Yes, they do inquire," says Opmeer when asked if there was much interest in his services. "There are always teams that ask around a bit, about how and what. But I also understand that Mercedes spends an incredible amount of time and money on Esports. So yeah, I just want to be with the best team."

Last season Opmeer spent three months living in Brackley, where Mercedes has its factory. Every day he worked there on the setup of his car, among other things. Since last week he is back home in the Netherlands. "It is not yet certain (whether I will live in Brackley again next season). That hasn't been discussed yet. By then, we'll see. "

Extended interview

A more extensive interview with world champion Opmeer will appear on GPblog shortly. Keep an eye on our website!

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