Marko on 2022 developments: 'Almost on a par with Mercedes'

21-12-2021 09:27 | Updated: 21-12-2021 12:34
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Marko on 2022 developments: 'Almost on a par with Mercedes'

Next year everything is going to change in Formula 1. The teams will drive a new car after regulation changes, in the hope that the cars will be closer to each other. Helmut Marko has faith in Red Bull Racing.

Actually, the changes were already supposed to be implemented in 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the new regulations were moved to the 2022 season. So the teams have been working on the developments for a while now.

Speaking to ServusTV, Marko is asked if Red Bull have had time to develop the car for 2022 during the intense title battle with Mercedes. Next year, the order of the grid could change completely as a lot of changes will be made to the cars. However, the Austrian reacts confidently.

Red Bull back at the front?

"At the moment we think we are almost on par with Mercedes", he says. Marko stresses that there will also be a lot of changes to the engine in terms of synthetic fuel. "That's a drastic change."

The Red Bull advisor expects Mercedes and Red Bull to fight at the front for the championship again, just like this season. "We think we will both be back in front unless someone comes up with a golden shot like with the double diffuser."

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