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At which track did Red Bull surprise? Verstappen has an unexpected answer
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At which track did Red Bull surprise? Verstappen has an unexpected answer

19-12-2021 10:45 Last update: 16:45


During the 2021 Formula 1 season, the Red Bull Racing cars were regularly fast at tracks they weren't expected to be fast at. Max Verstappen won the Grands Prix of France and the United States, where Mercedes were predicted to be the favourite. Still, the World Champion comes up with a somewhat surprising answer when asked on which circuit his expectations were exceeded.

In an extensive interview for sponsor CarNext David Coulthard askED where the Red Bull driver didn't expect to be as fast as he was in the end. As far as the brand new world champion is concerned the surprise lay not so much in the circuits where his team were not favorites beforehand.

Verstappen surprised about dominance in Austria

"I think the two races in Austria," replied Verstappen.

"If you look at the track, it doesn't really suit us. Still, every time we get there we are quick." The Dutchman knows the car is always good there, but again he didn't expect to win with such dominance.

"We know the car works well there, but not why we are so far ahead there," he explained. "Mexico too. The altitude helps of course, but we are always fast there. Sometimes the car just fits a circuit well."

In Austin, the 2021 champion was also surprised, especially by the fact that he was on pole. He won the race with a spectacular strategy from Red Bull Racing, in which he himself was heavily involved, but acknowledges that the Red Bull car was not particularly fast there.

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