Support for 'worthy world champion' Verstappen: 'There'll always be haters'

16-12-2021 08:35 | Updated: 16-12-2021 09:57
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Support for 'worthy world champion' Verstappen: 'There'll always be haters'

Max Verstappen is supported by Amanda Newey in a message on Instagram. The wife of Adrian Newey has written a big message after all the criticism that came at the Dutchman and her husband's team.

Better stats than Hamilton

Red Bull Racing celebrated after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after winning the world title. However, Lewis Hamilton's fans were not so happy, believing that Red Bull and Verstappen had been favoured by the stewards. According to the top designer's wife, however, the statistics speak for themselves.

''Statistically, Max led 652 laps and Lewis 303. Max led 15 of the 22 races in the championship and Max had 18 podiums, while he had 3 retirements'', writes Amanda, adding that she 'doesn't even want to mention Silverstone'. Newey also talks about Verstappen's average finish position being better than Lewis' and that he also managed more poles.

Congratulations to Verstappen

The argument does not stop there though, because while Newey congratulates Mercedes on winning the constructors' title, she also believes that the FIA has made questionable decisions during the season. For example, she wants a change in the regulations for engine changes, clearly referring to the five-place grid penalty Lewis received the second time he had to put an extra engine in his car.

She points to the luck Verstappen had in the last race, but that there is no cooperation between the FIA and Red Bull that some have hinted at. According to Amanda, you can see that when you look at the decisions over the whole year. She concludes her message with the fact that there will always be 'haters', but that Max Verstappen in her eyes is a worthy world champion.

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