The F1 British press react to Max Verstappen's World Title victory

13-12-2021 08:30
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The F1 British press react to Max Verstappen's World Title victory

After the most controversial, exciting and surprise ending to a Formula 1 World Championship season ever, Max Verstappen took the title away from Lewis Hamilton with a last-lap overtake. Verstappen now has one World Championship to his name, whilst Hamilton remains on seven. This is how the F1 British press reacted to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

BBC Sport 

The BBC highlight how Mercedes did their best to halt Red Bull's post-race celebrations but label the events as a fitting end. "After he stepped off the podium as champion, Verstappen's celebrations were interrupted by Mercedes' protests, and he had to wait more than four hours until they could resume, though even then Mercedes indicated they would appeal. It was, in so many ways, a fitting end to one of the greatest and most contentious seasons in Formula 1 history - and the arguments over right and wrong will rage for some time to come," the BBC said.

The Guardian

The Guardian looks back at the finish and how the appeal meant that the ultimate decision was made long after everyone departed. "In a season already marked by drama this finale simply could not have been scripted nor will there be consensus on how it played out. Inevitably it ended in protests to the stewards grinding on long after the trophies had been awarded and the fans departed."

The Daily Mail 

The Daily Mail asks the question of whether Hamilton was robbed of a record 8th World title. "British fans were left claiming Lewis Hamilton was robbed of an eighth World Championship after a decision by race directors to allow some of the lapped cars to overtake a safety car and set up a one-lap drag race between the British driver and his arch-rival Max Verstappen. Verstappen overtook Hamilton to claim the win and also snatch the World Championship. Verstappen screamed with elation as he crossed the line, and was mobbed by his Red Bull pit crew who were clamouring to congratulate their star driver as soon as he jumped out of the car in parc ferme."

The Sun

The Sun claims that the safety car pulled the rug from underneath Hamilton: "Lewis Hamilton was pegged in by a safety car, allowing Verstappen to pit for a new set of tyres, while the Brit could not stop. That left the pair to race off with one lap to go, and with a fresh set of tyres it was then in Verstappen's hands to win. The safety car appears to have pulled the rug from under Hamilton's feet and is sure to be the biggest controversy in Formula One history."

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