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Verstappen after driving simulator: Abu Dhabi didn't feel much different

Verstappen after driving simulator: Abu Dhabi didn't feel much different

08-12-2021 18:01 Last update: 19:27


The Yas Marina-circuit in Abu Dhabi has undergone a number of changes in the past year. It is expected that a lap of the track will be fifteen seconds faster this weekend. The FIA therefore considers the circuit as a new track. But will there really be much change?

Little else

Max Verstappen has driven the necessary laps in the simulator and he doesn't appear to be immediately impressed, he revealed to the Talking Bull podcast. "Time will tell if its good or not, but it did not really feel completely different. We will see", said Verstappen, who enters the final race as championship leader.

So although the top prize is still up for grabs, in the podcast he takes a look back at the almost completed season. "The win in Monaco was nice, Zandvoort, the two in Austria. There sare the special onze that will be rememberd by my side. Zandvoort was what every Dutch fan expected. But it is never easy. Of course, I was very happy to cross the line."


Verstappen also discusses the development of his car during the season. "It is a constant progession, thats for sure. Of course the tires also changed a bit, after the failure in Baku. Overall, it has been a lot more enjoyable to drive. And faster compared to our competitors last year. I think during the season we made some nice steps forward."

Verstappen refutes the suggestion that everyone in the team works harder. "They have been doing that every single year, but this year the car just came together more. We see the weaknesses and we try to address it, and then of course with increased power by Honda, all that together makes it a better car." 

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