Horner lyrical: "That's why he was voted F1's most popular driver"

08-12-2021 14:41
by GPblog.com
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Horner lyrical: That's why he was voted F1's most popular driver

After the scenes that unfolded in Saudi Arabia, the Formula One world is collectively holding its breath. What does that promise for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the final race where title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton head into the race with an equal number of points? Christian Horner knows one thing for sure: Verstappen wants to win the championship fairly.

"Max wants to win this championship on the track," Horner said in an interview with The Times. "He's a tough but fair racer, and this weekend I don't expect any different. Nobody wants to win this championship in a gravel pit or through an investigation by the stewards."

Horner admires Verstappen's driving style

Verstappen has excelled in his consistency this season and has finished first or second in every race with the exception of the Hungarian Grand Prix. "He goes wheel to wheel with every driver and drives with his heart on his sleeve. Just look at his restarts and some of his overtakes this year. He has shown tremendous courage and dedication, that's the kind of driver he is."

He continued: "That's why we love him. That's why he has such a huge following in the sport. That's why, in an independent survey, he was voted the most popular driver in Formula One. Without that approach, without that DNA, Max would not be the driver he is today. His instinct is to go for it. It always has been and hopefully it always will be," said the Red Bull Racing team principal.

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