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'Bad boy' Verstappen gets support from boxing champion Tyson Fury

'Bad boy' Verstappen gets support from boxing champion Tyson Fury

07-12-2021 15:57


Ahead of the Formula One World Championship final, the rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is at its height. Not evetyone approved of Max Verstappen's actions during the fierce battle between the two title rivals at the Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia, but two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is now standing up for the young Dutchman.

Verstappen the 'bad boy'

Heavyweight Fury, world boxing champion in 2015 and 2020, took to Instagram to shine his light on the title fight in Formula 1. "I've just been reading up a bit on the F1 rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and how Max is portrayed in the media as a bit of a 'bad boy'."

In doing so, the world champion takes issue with some of the treatment towards the Dutchman. "I know how it feels to be treated terribly by the media. It's not nice, you know, especially when you're young and ambitious and you want to win. Give him a bit of a break, he's doing his best."

Rivalry between Lauda and Hunt

Fury knows his Formula One classics, as the duel between Hamilton and Verstappen reminds him of another iconic title fight. "This rivalry reminds me of James Hunt and Niki Lauda vying for the title. Who is going to win it guys? Good luck to both men at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Come on guys!"

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